Ultra Grip


Have a really tricky surface to paint? Our Ultra Grip allows for Fusion™ to adhere to surfaces that are typically not for painting such as a lacquered surface, laminate, metal or glass.

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Application Tool – Staalmeester Microfiber roller, or fine synthetic brush

Location – Interior/Exterior

Re-coat Time – 2-12 hrs

Dry Time – 2-12 hrs

Top Coat – Fusion Mineral Paint

Clean Up – Water

Coverage – 70 sq.ft.

Finish/Sheen – Dries Clear

Recommended Uses – If an area laces when applying the first coat of paint, Ultra Grip should help with the adhesion on these surfaces.

Can Be Applied To – Melamine, Thermofoil or shiny slick surfaces with carved details that can not be scuff sanded. Non-oil, no wax surfaces.

Can Be Painted Over – Yes

How to Prep – Apply to a clean, wax or oil free surface

Cure Time – 21 Days

Maintenance/Cleaning – Clean as required, mild soap and water



Makes painting the impossible, possible! That’s right, those super slick surfaces like melamine or thermofoil Ikea cabinets, we’ve got you covered with Ultra Grip! It literally grips to the surface, allowing for Fusion Mineral Paint to fuse to the surface.

Apply a very thin coat using a Staalmeester Microfiber roller, or a fine quality synthetic brush.

Because Ultra Grip is so strong, it can hold more texture, apply thin and sparingly with a very fine roller like our Staalmeester rollers. If you must use a brush, ensure it is a fine synthetic fibre and the coats are ultra thin. It dries very quickly so do not brush back and forth or you will create texture.

Allow to dry for 12 hours before applying subsequent coats of Fusion™ colours. Clean up with water.


How do you know if you need Ultra Grip?

Do a test- paint a small inconspicuous area of your project, if you see lacing, that is paint separating. As long as you followed all the proper prep / cleaning steps and you experience this, then you will need Ultra Grip. If you didn’t clean, this could mean there is a wax on your piece, trying cleaning it with Odourless solvent first.
How do you know if you need more than 1 coat?

If when applying Ultra Grip it starts to separate or lace on the surface, just allow it to dry and apply another coat. Your second coat should ensure excellent surface adhesion.

Applying a smooth coat of Ultra Grip™ will create little tiny, (invisible to the naked eye), peaks and valleys in your smooth surface, so it creates ‘tooth’ for the paint to adhere to.

We like to think that Ultra Grip™ makes the impossible to paint possible.

  • This product is made with industrial strength acrylic resin and is super adhesive tough and hard wearing.
  • This product is safe to use indoors.
  • This product is non-toxic and contain’s no VOC’s



Ultra grip is white in the wet state but dries to a clear film. If painting over a darker surface, it may have a blue tinge to it, but it will dry clear.



You can re-coat after 2 hours if you need more than one coat of Ultra Grip.

Painting over Ultra Grip should be done 12-24hrs after for the best results.

Ultra Grip / Bonding Agent is used for Milk Paint when painting a shiny surface. It is added into the mixed Milk Paint for the first coat to insure adhesion.

You can create texture with this product! So try experimenting with it if you love to create textured finishes.

Ultra Grip can also be used in the application of decoupage! Apply a coat of Ultra Grip to dry overnight, place your decoupage to the surface and use a hot iron over some wax paper. This reconstitutes the Ultra Grip and causes a strong bond with the decoupage. This insures no wrinkle and bubbles which you can sometimes get when decoupaging!



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